Sunday, December 30, 2012


He is a boy. He is a man.
 He is a boy man.
Teetering on the edge of boyhood,
looking into the vast unknown of manhood.

His lips are pursed, wondering.

His eyes are open questioning.
He is a man who looks,
sometimes unsure, sometimes with questions into his future.

We all have questions.
In each season of life,
we ask.
we wonder

Friday, December 28, 2012

Foot in mouth.

Do you ever put your foot in your mouth?
Not just the toes but the whole huge foot, all the way up to the ankle. And you're sitting there with your foot flapping in your mouth looking the picture of stupidity.
This happens to me more often then not.
It just recently happened to me. I was talking with someone I don't know very well, but I greatly respect.
{this always makes me painfully prone to putting my foot in my mouth. I always over-analyze what} {to say, till I'm so confused I don't know the right words from the wrong words}
"I never regretted something
I didn't say."
{I think that's how the quote goes by Abraham Lincoln...}
True words.
Unfortunately I'm never sitting here NOT regretting what I didn't say, I'm usually sitting here regretting what I did say.
Feeling that I'm an awkward fool with so much yet to learn...
A pretty accurate feeling about myself.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why Christmas?

Holy Trinity.
Three in one.
Father, Son; Holy Spirit.
Glory of Heaven.
The Son leaves the splendor,
the glory.
He comes to earth small;
Babe born of a Virgin's womb.
Born in a stable in a crowded little town.
The hay was soiled.
An incredible star shone above the stable.
Its light filled the land.
Mary struggles, strains
to bring this God baby to the waiting world.
White angels come to shepherds in a field.
The angels fill the sky.
Their voices resound.
Echoing loud as they praise God.
Shepherds stand beneath the brimming sky.
Their mouths agape.
Their ragged cloths and beards swaying in chill breeze.
Three kings.
Dressed in deep red, gold; blue.
They watch the sky.
They know of a prophecy.
A prophesy written in ancient scrolls.
Of a king.
A messiah coming, for all mankind.
This star is made of three planets aligning in the Heavens.
This star means a king.
The kings travel.
They travel on camels over miles of desert.
They seek the King.
Mary's breathing regulates.
Her heart is full, overflowing as she looks at the baby in her arms.
He is here.
He is born.
The world need wait no longer.
The King, the Messiah is here.
For all mankind.

This is why we have Christmas.


Monday, December 10, 2012

The Cold.

Today, wind rushes over the earth, frantic searching. The sky is part clouds. Shadows fill our valley. They dance over brilliant white mountain peeks and the gentle sloping curves of hills.

The wind is cold. Bitter cold.

Not the gentle cold, of falling snowflakes.
Not the crisp cold of a clear night.
Not the silent cold of a snowy forest.

This cold is grasping, clawing; fierce. A pack of hungry wolves, scratching tearing my skin till the nerve endings gape open to the raw cold. Yellow teeth fill their foul mouths, open and threatening. Gaunt sides heave as they gallop over the land desperate for a place to rest, a place to hide away from all that intimidates. They scour the ground for something, anything, to satisfy their savage hunger. Angry and vicious, they growl and bite at each other's heels.

I struggle against the pack of cold. Growls low, menancing, they nip at my coat tails. This pack, persistent and starving, doesn't let me alone! They circle me. A snap of sharp teeth. A wolf jumps for my coat collar. I stumble backward. I yank my coat from fierce teeth.

I break into a run.

Panting, struggling against their force.

I burst through the door. Slam it shut behind me. I collapse in a heap. My skin stinging, bright red.

The wolves whine and scratch at the door. I hear them circle the house, frantic, searching.